An important aspect of our work is the customer service for and repair of the accordion. Thanks to our background and to our passion for this craft, we guarantee the highest quality of work for professional musicians and amateurs on all types and brands of accordions. Overhauling an accordion means cleaning and caring of your instrument, making adjustments when necessary, ranging from a simple revision of the tuning to more targeted interventions concerning the wooden parts or components in general. We also perform complete restorations, transforming your old instrument into a new one, using only original accessories and spare parts.

  • Restoring reeds (cleaning, disassembly, new leathers)
  • Restoring keyboard right hand
  • Restoring button system left hand
  • Replacing the bellows
  • Outer lining of the bellows
  • Painting and polishing of the accordion
  • New celluloid for sound box
  • Garnishment for accordion
  • Tuning reeds
  • Spare parts and accessories

Tuning of the voices

This intervention acts on the calibration of the voices. We recommend periodically to check and calibrate the calibration of the voices to have an instrument that is always ready to play any type of song in all its nuances ranging from “piano” to “forte” and to obtain a prompt and lively response of the sound. We also perform custom tunings for each musical genre.

Refurbishment of reeds

We usually perform this type of intervention on instruments that have been stopped for some time or which, on the contrary, are widely used and aims to obtain a dense and full-bodied sound as if the instrument had just left the factory This intervention includes: disassembly and cleaning of all the voices, the replacement of all the leathers and the final tunin.

Restoring keyboard right hand

Every performer prefers a very personalized keyboard setting from the point of view of the stroke of the key and the pressure of the same. The valves can also be overhauled or replaced to avoid noise or air leaks.

Restoring button system left hand

As with the keyboard, it is very important that all mechanical parts are working smoothly and efficient. With this intervention it is possible to calibrate the pressure of the key springs and adjust all the gears that make up the bass mechanics. It is also possible to adjust the "valves" for excellent air tightness.

Replacement of the bellows

The bellows have always been made of cardboard and as such must be periodically replaced. They can be decorated according to the player's taste.

Accordion exterior painting and polishing

This type of intervention aims to improve the external design of your instrument. With today's techniques we can create any color and decorative element for a customized look of your instrument.

Spare parts and accessories

On request, we supply a wide range of spare parts and accessories for accordion: straps, drum clips, bass handles, keyboard cushions, hard or soft cases and all the components of the accordion.

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We offer professional and amateur musicians fast and efficient services for standard tuning and repair or customized service demands. Thanks to our background and to our passion for this craft, we guarantee the highest quality for the customer at a good price.

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